Milan Lupač


Milan holds a master’s degree in economic analysis and financial engineering from the Prague University of Economics, as well as Business and Master of Arts degrees in applied economics from the CERGE-EI.

Milan can trace his connection with the startup world back to 2017, when he coordinated the launch of his friend’s company and started to work as a freelance consultant focusing on startups and SMEs, ​​conducting a number of M&A projects. Milan later worked as a hands-on CEO or CFO at various distressed companies, effectively helping them navigate out of their crises.

As a Partner at Presto, Milan applies his experience to help portfolio companies structure their operations and company processes. Moreover, he participates in the portfolio investment process, specializing in industrial tech, enterprise B2B and hardware-enabled startups, as well as startups focused on improving company processes and efficiency.

When he is not deep-diving into startups, Milan likes to go for long rides on his road bike or spends time in the Alps skiing. Interesting sports related fact – Milan has 17 years of sport shooting experience under his belt.

One of his favorite quotes is ‘Life is one large trade-off’.