Talking to people smarter than us is the best part of our job. It’s why we partner with the most ambitious, extraordinary founders – and, in return, we love helping them change the game.

Our Mission



Pre-Seed & Seed

Most often, we enter the partnership in the pre-seed or seed stage (round size up to €3 mio) and continue investing in the follow-up rounds.

Beyond CEE

We invest in entrepreneurs from the entire CEE region, including the Baltics, Balkans, and Ukraine. Most recently, Georgia has joined the list.

B2B Tech Startups

At Presto, we focus on B2B tech startups that are built on solid technology and have the potential to scale up and succeed in a big market.

Founders Support

Presto is built by founders for founders. Our network is always ready to lend a hand in areas where it matters most – sales, marketing, and hiring.

Backed by Entrepreneurs

We’re backed by successful entrepreneurs, exited tech founders, and family offices. They pack a punch when it comes to networks and opportunities.

Next Level Ready

We have the know-how and contacts to help founders structure their operations and get ready for follow-up rounds in Western Europe and the US.



A word

from Our


Josef Šachta

CEO & Co-founder at Sharry

We were looking for a fifth crew member – someone who would understand the specifics of our business. The team at Presto Ventures showed us empathy, as well as fast onboarding. Besides, a similar sense of humour has always played an important role in our partnership.

Tomasz Kowalski

CEO & Co-founder at Secfense

When raising our last round, it was critical for us to craft the perfect combination of investors. We were looking for smart money – not only financial investment but also a chance to gain some real market experience and technical feedback. When we crossed paths with Presto Ventures, it struck us how much they know about the enterprise market.

Makho Kituashvili

CEO & Co-founder at Omofox

I enjoyed having Presto as the lead investor. They truly understand you as a startup operator and help you prepare for the next steps. They were transparent throughout the diligence process and very respectful of the founders' timeline. More than 'value add', their support, patience, and understanding are remarkable for early-stage startups.

Timmu Tõke

CEO & Co-founder at Ready Player Me

In 2020, only a handful of people talked about the metaverse – and even fewer of them understood cross-game avatars platforms like our ‘Ready Player Me’. Kudos to Presto for believing in our vision and participating in the seed investment to help us launch it. They saw the underlying trend early and believed in Web3 and NFTs before it was cool.

Vlastimil Venclík

CEO & Founder at Oddin.gg

With Presto, you aren’t talking to bankers but fellow tech founders. We didn’t expect to find a VC with hands-on experience with image processing, machine learning, or advanced mathematics. Presto quickly understood our product and learned the very specific market we target. They know what it takes to build a successful company and take it global.

Martin Malych & Viktor Vanek

Founders at Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is on its way to becoming Slovakia’s very first unicorn. Now, almost everybody wants to have a part in our success – but Presto was there for us long before, supporting us through thick and thin, actively helping along the way. It’s very hard to find a partner with a genuine interest in both your work and wellbeing. Presto is one of them.







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