Presto Ventures is a Prague-based VC firm that invests in fast growing tech companies. We have a great track record, clear and proven investment focus, and the chops to become the #1 VC firm in the CEE+ region.

Proven Track Record




Since 2016, we’ve already invested more than €35M from two funds, backing early-stage B2B SaaS and Marketplace startups across the extended CEE region.


Our portfolio companies have already attracted ∼€200M in Series A+ funding from Western VCs, including renowned funds like Andreessen Horowitz or Point Nine.


Presto is backed 100% by private money from successful entrepreneurs, exited tech founders, family offices, and renowned private institutional investors.


Portfolio of 50 early-stage startups across two funds, and growing. Will continue to focus on volume and velocity, as diversification is key in our business.


In 2022 alone, we met 1,885 startup teams across the region and ultimately invested in 24 of them, thus becoming one of the most dynamic VCs in the region.


Every year, our team spends 300 days in 20 CEE+ countries, building close relationships with ecosystem partners and unlocking access to exclusive deal flow.

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Presto Philosophy




Good things come in threes, they say – that’s why we focus on the CEE tech talent, capital efficiency, and reasonable valuations. This fits with our operational experience, most successful investments so far, and current market dynamics.

B2B Tech

B2B Tech Startups

B2B software and online Marketplace companies built on solid technology, with the potential to scale up globally. Serving SMEs or Enterprise segments.

Nimble & Ambitious

Talented CEE+ founders. Teams of 5 to 20 people. Company has built a product, usually generated first revenue (<€1M), and needs capital to keep growing.

& Seed

Pre-Seed & Seed

Most often, a €200k to €2M early financing round. We usually provide a pre-seed investment of ∼€200k to €500k and / or a seed investment of ∼€500k to €1.5M.

Geo Focus


         we Like


CEE+ ecosystem consistently outperforms both developed and emerging ecosystems in the rest of the world. Since 2018, there is only one region that has been growing faster: India.

presto ventures cee map

Home to extraordinary talent available at competitive cost, CEE+ startups demonstrate outstanding capital efficiency – those in the B2B segment generate 5.6x more ARR per $1 raised than their U.S. peers.

CEE+, however, still sees less early VC funding per capita than Western markets – in 2022, only 10% of European early VC funding was allocated to CEE+.

The extended CEE region currently boasts over 25,000 startups, with 40-50% eligible for Presto funding. We review thousands of qualified leads every year and select 40-50 top value investments.


Fund III

Currently investing from Fund II: €30M EUR backing a portfolio of 40 startups. In 2024, we're opening Fund III to capitalize on opportunities coming from the latest CEE market developments.

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