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Presto Tech Horizons connects frontier technologies, strategic investments, and purpose: to create a safer, more secure future. We empower tech entrepreneurs who lead the way.

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The best of tech investing meets the best of industrial-technological expertise. Presto Ventures and CSG joined forces to back global tech companies at the forefront of security, defense, and aerospace. We bring unparalleled sector experience and know-how, for both founders and investors.

Investors and entrepreneurs are drawn to the field of security technologies. Yet, barriers and risks are significant. Investors grapple with the inaccessibility of sector-specific expertise to evaluate the tech and its commercial viability. Founders are hindered by complex regulations and time-consuming red tape. Our partnership with CSG tackles these barriers head-on.

Přemysl Rubeš

Presto Ventures | Founder & Managing Partner

Vojta Roček

Presto Ventures | Partner


CSG | Investment Director

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Investment Thesis



Ambition and impact. Technological excellence and outstanding commercial application. We look for entrepreneurs with the potential to solve the most pressing security and industrial challenges. With up to €150M at hand, the fund will support dozens of the most promising innovative projects.


Security, defense, and aerospace. Cutting-edge and dual-use solutions, both software and hardware. Think AI, cybersecurity, automation, robotics, and much more.


We’ll support advanced tech innovators with foundations or a significant operational focus in the countries of NATO, its allies, and the startup nation of Israel.


Mostly post-revenue companies looking for a strong partner to accelerate their growth. Thanks to our unique leverage, we’re co-builders, not just investors.

Fund FAQs



Business model

B2B and B2G


NATO countries and allied nations


Security, Defense, and Aerospace, with focus on dual-use


AI, cybersecurity, automation, robotics, logistics, mobility, energy, healthcare, advanced computing, systems for critical infrastructure management and protection – including the application of radars, ground and aerial drones, lasers, and sophisticated sensors


Post-revenue focus
Seed, Late Seed, early Series A

Ticket size

€500k to €5M


∼50 investment targets within 3 years


CSG is a key partner and anchor investor.
The fund will have its own governance.

Unmatched synergy

We bring together the best of tech investing, unique know-how in building global firms, and world-class industrial-technological expertise.


In turbulent times, individuals, businesses, and institutions set their sights on the defense and security tech space. Investors and founders alike want to stay ahead of emerging threats – but struggle with entry barriers and associated risks. Presto Tech Horizons addresses these and unlocks unprecedented opportunities for both.


The fund and portfolio companies have full access to CSG group experts and affiliated companies. Industrial experts will assist in selecting the most suitable and promising investments and contribute to the success of each portfolio firm and their products.


Tech Horizons

In uncertain times, the world is turning to the security and defense tech space for guidance. Our fund will unlock unprecedented opportunities for technological investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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