Eduard Kučera


Eduard built and managed the Business Intelligence department in Avast, hence playing a major role in the company's hyper-growth, M&A activities, and IPO. Before his engagement with Avast, Eda founded and exited several internet projects. He can assess the architecture of an application in just 3 seconds, merely by looking at its frontend.

As a Presto partner, Eda assists mostly deep tech and AI/ML-based startups to build products that will stand the test of the market. As an IT veteran, he helps founders establish strong IT cornerstones. His direct approach, professional network, and hands-on approach make him invaluable when a portfolio company needs development support or advice on technology, DevOps, BI, or cybersecurity.

A father of three, Eda loves good food and snowy mountains. Fun fact: As a teen, he managed to run several fan sites like Need for Speed 3, free games, and VoIP telephony, which generated thousands of dollars in monthly revenue.