Vojta Roček


Vojta is an exited founder of, where he transformed his long-standing expertise in business intelligence, data analytics, and applied AI into a B2B enterprise SaaS company – one that Gartner recognized as one of the most innovative players in the augmented analytics space. In just two years after its inception, was acquired by Workday and successfully integrated into their core Human Capital Management product.

As a Presto partner, Vojta is responsible for value creation and portfolio support. He guides founders in focusing on what really matters and helps them accelerate B2B sales and partnership development. Leveraging his own founder know-how, he assists portcos in devising and executing exit strategies.

Over the course of his career, Vojta has mentored over 500 startups, built the largest Czech community of data professionals, and made angel investments in half a dozen local companies. Vojta’s mission is to help founders build new, meaningful projects and solve the hardest questions. His guiding philosophy can be summarized as ‘Focus on the right things’ and ‘Do it better or STFU’.