Přemysl Rubeš

Founder & Managing Partner

Premysl is a former mathematician holding scientific and engineering degrees from the Nuclear Sciences Faculty at CTU Prague and ENSTA ParisTech. He started his career in Paris as a Quantitative Analyst, using rapid programming techniques to develop applications for Revenue Managers at Air France and Amadeus. He soon realized that doing business would present a more interesting challenge and co-founded his own IT company. After exiting it, Premysl discovered the world of investments and startups and, with experience gained at Rockaway Capital, started his own VC fund in 2016 – originally with the backing of a family office. During 2016, Premysl co-founded an AI pricing company which later became Yieldigo, the very first investment of the newly established fund.

Premysl runs Presto, leads investments, sits on boards of our portfolio companies and,  together with his team of partners, actively works with startup founders.

Aside from his investment and portfolio support activities, Premysl is also involved in helping talented young people across multiple fields – he gives lectures at STEM universities, mentors startups in Europe and US, and helps promising young artists fulfill their potential. He plays double-bass and remains an active musician. The name Presto was therefore inspired by the musical term for fast tempo, as well as Premysl’s hyperactivity.