Roman Nováček, CFA


Roman is our introverted genius able to process information quicker than any other team member – effectively making him the ‘brain’ of Presto. At only 27 years old, Roman became a CFA charterholder, and in 2022, he was recognized by Forbes in their prestigious ‘30 under 30’ ranking. Roman holds degrees in Finance from Masaryk University, Brno and Juniata College in Pennsylvania, US. After finishing his studies and before moving back to Prague, Roman worked at GT Entrepreneurs, a private equity firm in Pittsburgh.

At Presto, Roman leads investments, sits on the board of our portfolio companies and actively works with startup founders. Roman’s main focus is around analytics and everything finance- and planning-related, but his brilliant mind makes him a versatile team member.

Through various non-profit activities, Roman is involved in helping underprivileged people from diverse backgrounds get up to par with their more fortunate peers. His other activities outside of the VC world still revolve around finance and math, including interest in cryptocurrencies and trading of various instruments. When not connected to the internet, Roman likes running, reading, playing poker, and drinking beer.